Elodie Edjang

Elodie Edjang is a Chicago based documentary filmmaker.

 Check out my  Linkedin !

Check out my Linkedin!

I am a graduate of Northwestern University's Documentary Master of Fine Arts Program and a video contributor for NewLifeOutlook - Depression. I make films about black people, queer people, women and immigrants. That's probably because I'm all of the above. 

My family is from Cameroon. I was born in France, raised in Georgia, and now live in Chicago.

In my past life I studied Advertising (ABJ) and Anthropology (AB) at the University of Georgia. I'm still using those skills in what I do today. 

Psst! I'm also interested in

  • fiction filmmaking

  • stand up comedy

  • singing/songwriting

  • performance art

  • collage

  • hula hooping



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